Death Blow 3

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If unit initiates combat, grants Atk+6 during combat.

Inheritable Restrictions?

No Staff

How to Get

Sacred Seal Forge

Great Badges Badges Sacred Coins
400 1000 100

Skillsets that use skill

Nyeh? Pwish! (Brave Bow Nuke)

The True Ending (Offensive / Pure Damage Focus)

"S-sister… don't turn me into a marketable plushie…" (Max Damage Focus)

Think you can beat us? Think a- wait… (Aether Raids Offense / Wings of Mercy Enabler)

why are you hiding that tiny gremlin from me (Damage Focus / Offensive)

Hymn of the Wanderer (Offensive Focus)

Rule Breaker (Offensive Focus / Aether Raids Defense)

Saving Your Singing Career By Lip-Synching (Rauðrblade)

Justice Reversed (Player Phase Offensive)

I’m not a healer now, so… (Player Phase)

feet heels for days (Galeforce / Player Phase Offensive)

The Fell Star (Player Phase)

Brigand Dedue? Sure, why not? (Player Phase)

Remains of the Day (Offensive Nuke / Aether Raids Defense)

Perennial Beauty (Offensive Nuke / Support Hybrid)

Whaling in Dragalia Lost (Aether Raids Defense / Support & Offense Hybrid)

Eye of the Tiger (Offense)

AU Where Goldoa Actually Moves (Bold Fighter / Aggressive)

Heroine of the Wicked (Offensive Nuke / Support)

Himbodian Doga (Bold Fighter / Damage Building)