Armor March 3


If unit has an adjacent armored ally at the start of turn, unit and any such allies can move 1 extra space. (That turn only, does not stack.)

Inheritable Restrictions?


Unlocks at 4 ★

Skillsets that use skill

Over the Rainbow, Whack the Rainbow (Bold Fighter / PVE)

Mall Santa, Meet Jack Daniels (Aggro Build)

Raging Storm? Never heard of it. (Galeforce)

Emptied Out Valentine Faye's Meat Locker (Bold Fighter)

AU Where Goldoa Actually Moves (Bold Fighter / Aggressive)

Himbodian Doga (Bold Fighter / Damage Building)

Bullet for my Valentine (Offensive)

Brave Bow+
Alternate: Monstrous Bow+ (+Atk)
A Death Blow 4
Alternate: Pivot
B Bold Fighter 3
Alternate: Bonfire
C Armor March 3
Alternate: Joint Hone Atk
SP1305SSturdy Blow 2

senosa's dgrenitegs[d! (Offensive)

Bold Spirit of Generous Present (Bold Fighter Dual Phase)

Python's "Motivational" Prodding (Player Phase Offense)

A Forsyth to be Reckoned With (Mixed Phase Duelist)

The Green Baron (Special Fighter Tank)

The Third in the Bloodline (Bold Fighter)

Ah Will Candeh Ye! (Bold Fighter)

Generic Brand Sweets (Fury / Budget Investment)

Out of the Ashes (Mixed Phase)

Winter Chicken Run (Mixed Phase)

Armor March


One of only a few skills designed to help mobility, Armor March is restricted to Armor type units only, and appears in skill slot C, often considered lower priority than other slots. Armor march lets armored allies within two spaces of the skill user move two spaces instead of one. This grants them the same effective movement speed as infantry, but with armor’s higher stat total and access to class buffs. Armor teams tend to stick together, thanks to their powerful class buffs and power when receiving attacks. This makes Armor March both easy to use and effective within armor teams. Forest terrain will not hamper a unit under the effects of Armor March from moving two spaces.


Naturally, as a skill that can only be used by armored units, Armor March’s synergies line up with those of Armor themselves. Despite Armored units typically being popular defensive units, Armor march gives them the movement range to initiate attacks. Brave weapon builds are much more viable with Armor March. Bold Fighter is an incredibly powerful Armor-only skill, and synergizes very well with Armor March by allowing units more opportunities to initiate combat. The primary benefits of this skill come in the form of expanding the movement and attack options of armor teams.


It is difficult to deny the effects of Armor march to the team using it. As a C slot skill, Armor March has a relatively low opportunity cost compared to other skills. However by taking Armor March, they will be unable to take skills such as Hone/Fortify Armor. Armor March gives the user no actual combat ability, which can be problematic in some cases. Armor teams often turtle on defense squares, and in that regard, Armor March can be of little use depending on the map.