Arknights CN: 2nd Anniversary Livestream Recap!

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2nd Anniversary Livestream Recap!

Period: 2021-04-24 ~ 2021-04-24

Special Thanks: Everyone at RIHQ that helped with the stream-info channel.  Nightsky, Baboo, Pumpkin, Jetroyz, Thanik, Lauli, Kawa, Zak, Niko, Monika,  and everyone else.

Game Statistics


Most E2'ed 5 Star operators in the past year (ordered from left -> right, top-> bottom): 1.Amiya, 2. Elysium, 3. Specter, 4. Ptilopsis  5. Lappland 6. Texas 7. Shamare 8. Warfarin 9. Whisperain 10. Project Red.


Most E2'ed 6 Star Operators in the past year(ordered from left -> right, top-> bottom): 1. W 2. Surtr 3. Thorns 4. Dusk 5. Mudrock. 6. Weedy 7. Blaze 8. Rosmotis 9. Bagpipe 10. Saga


Top 5 most purchased skins (ordered from left -> right, top-> bottom): 1. Silent Night DN02 - Shining 2. Unfettered Freedom - Nian 3. Ageless Afterglow - Ch'en 4. Stronghold - Saria 5. Waverider WR04 - Skadi


851,865 players promoted Amiya and unlocked Arts Guard Amiya.


678,369 players have completed Episode 8


4,901,491,600 Orundum produced from RIIC Bases


860,558 players have completed the full medal sets from all of the Contingency contracts (CC#1- CC#4)

2nd Anniversary Event [UNDER TIDES] PVs

UNDER TIDES Event Content PV

Translation by Lauli:

A hunter is nothing without their home.

Logically, when I came here, I should've been able to start a good life.

But none of us can escape the past.

If one day, your home finds you...

Do you know how many ruins like this exists in the once-glorious Iberia?

You can still remember Aegir's song, I'm glad.

"You wan't to see her, don't you?"

A hunter walks onto the shore.

To protect Iberia's purity and virtue.

We stand together, our hearts, body, and faith will grow more resilient.

UNDER TIDES - Skadi The Corrupting Heart - PV

Translation by Lauli:

Sixth mission.

My kin were dragged into the trench, their screams were masked by the noises of eating.

Seventeenth mission.

When I returned home, the door was open, and the smell of blood came out of the room.

Fourth bounty mission.

My partners all went missing. Under the sun, salt crystals formed on my skin.

Rhodes Island. Regular checkup.

I must find them this time. I must.

New Operators


6* Puller Specialist

Max ATK: 851

Max DEF: 381

Max HP: 2309

Max RES: 0

Max Block Count: 2


Can Shift enemies by using skills. Can be deployed on Ranged Grids

Talent 1

When in Squad, all [Abyssal Hunters] recover a percentage of their Max HP every second and receive reduced Physical and Arts damage from [Seaborn] enemies

Talent 2

Increase damage against enemies with 3 or less weight

Skill 1: Waterless Parting of the Great Ocean

The next attack pulls the target towards self with certain force and deals a certain amount of Physical damage. Can hold charges

Skill 2: Waterless Grasp of the Raging Tide

Increase Attack Interval, expand Attack Range. Attacks target 2 enemies and prioritizes blocked enemies, dealing a certain amount of Physical damage and pulling them towards self with certain force.

Skill 3: Waterless Dance of Swirling Death

Inflict Bind to a faraway target and generate a Tornado centered on it. The Tornado inflicts -50% Movement Speed to nearby enemies, deals 130% Arts damage every 1.5 seconds and pulls the targets towards the center with medium force. When the skill ends, pull the targets towards self with large force

NOTE: Gladiia will be the event Welfare Operator, and so available to all players.  She will be the first 6* Welfare Operator.


6* Medic (ST Medic or mabye New Archetype?)

Attack Range: 5x3

Max ATK: 490

Max DEF: 255

Max HP: 2033

Max RES: 0

Max Block Count: 1


Restores the HP of allies

Talent 1

Can summon and heal Mon3tr (30 second redeployment time).  Mon3tr Max stats: 1402 ATK / 405 DEF / 5433 HP / 0 RES / 3 Block Count Prioritize healing self and Mon3tr. If Mon3tr is not within Kal'tsit's range, DEF reduced to 0

Talent 2

If Mon3tr is defeated (retreat does not count), Stun all enemies within the 8 surrounding tiles and deal a certain amount of True damage to them

Skill 1: Command: Structural Fortification

Greatly increase Kal'tsit and Mon3tr's DEF. Kal'tsit gains a certain amount of Physical Dodge.

Skill 2: Command: Tactical Coordination

Increase Kal'tsit's ASPD. Increase Mon3tr's ATK. Mon3tr attacks multiple enemies equal to Block Count. This skill is Tied to Mon3tr

Skill 3: Command: Meltdown

Mon3tr's DEF +200% and deals True damage. Mon3tr gains +260% ATK which gradually drops to +0% over the skill duration. If Mon3tr does not kill an enemy within the skill duration, it loses 50% Max HP after the skill ends. This skill is Tied to Mon3tr

Tied skill: Kal'tsit cannot gain SP until the Tied entity is deployed. When the Tied entity is retreated, SP is reset to 0.

NOTE: Kal'tsit is NOT the limited Operator, and will be added to the standard pool when her banner ends.

Skadi the Corrupting Heart (Alter)

6* Aura Supporter

Max ATK: 443

Max DEF: 263

Max HP: 1603

Max RES: 0

Max Block Count: 1


Does not attack but continuously restores the HP of all allies within range (the HP restored per second is equal to 10% of this unit's ATK). Self unaffected by Inspire effects

Talent 1

Can summon a [Seaborn] that lasts for a certain duration The [Seaborn]'s Attack Range is treated as an extension of Skadi's Attack Range

Talent 2

If there are ally operators within self or [Seaborn]'s Attack Range, increase self ATK. If there are [Abyssal Hunter] operators within Attack Range, greatly increase self ATK instead

Skill 1: Chant of Returning by Varied Paths

Immediately increase Max HP and recover self to full HP. Increase Trait effect. A certain percentage of damage taken by allies within Attack Range is directly shifted to Skadi (Only strongest effect is applied)

Skill 2: Wish of Burial Beyond the Light

All allies within Attack Range gain [Inspire] effect equal to a percentage of Skadi's ATK and DEF. Increase Trait effect. Infinite duration.

Skill 3: "The Tide Surges, The Tide Recedes"

Trait changes to losing 5% self HP every second. Deal True damage equal to 70% of Skadi's ATK to all enemies within Attack range every second (damage from self and [Seaborn] stacks). All allies within Attack Range gain Inspire effect equal to 110% of Skadi's ATK.


  • Inspire: Gain final stats equal to the Inspire effect. Inspire effects of the same stat do not stack, strongest effect is applied. (Sora's S2 is an Inspire effect)
  • Skadi The Corrupting Heart will be a Limited Gacha Operator.
  • [Skadi The Corrupting Heart] will be an Alter version of [Skadi], so the Alter limitations apply, including that "The original Operator and Alter version can’t join battle together in the same squad".  For more information on Alters, see this article.
  • Skadi The Corrupting Heart will have Live2D art.  Live2D Art will be added for future Limited Operators, and back-added for already existing Limited Operators over time.  Live2D will also be added for all Skins of Limited Operators.

New Skins


Operator: Mountain

Skin Name: Dark Cloud


Operator: Eunectes

Skin Name: Forgemaster


Operator: Ayerscarpe

Skin Name: Tested One


Operator: Flint

Skin Name: Gorgeous Flower


Operator: Spot

Skin Name: Professional

Cost: FREE!

New Operator Records


New Operator Record will be added for: Thrm-ex, Nightingale, Mountain, Earthspirit, Savage

New Furniture Theme


New Rotational Annihilation: Flooded Seashore


Skin Selection Ticket


Players who purchased the [Waverider WR04] Skadi skin before Skadi Alter form was released will be given a [Skin Selection Ticket]

[Skin Selection Ticket] Details:

  • When an operator gets an Alter form, you will be awarded a [Skin Selection Ticket] for any skins you have already purchased for that Operator. The ticket can be used to exchange for a skin that is in the current Skin shop rotation. 
  • The ticket does not expire.
  • If there are no skins available for purchase, then the ticket cannot be used.
  • There will be notification if a new skin cannot be purchased with the ticket. 
  • The following situations will not grant [Skin Selection Ticket]:
    • 1. The original skin of the Original Operator was purchased with a [Skin Selection Ticket]
    • 2. You purchase the original skin with Originite Prime AFTER the Alter version is already live.
    • 3. You purchase the original skin with [Skin Selection Ticket] after the Alter version is already live.

Free Pulls On The Limited Banner


1 free 10x Headhunt permit, and 1 free pull every day for 24 free pulls on the Limited Banner

Free Orundum Awarded Daily


Free Orundum will be awarded daily with Sign-in.

Selector Permit!


All players will receive a Seelctor Permit that Global received at launch, that allows the player to hire Liskarm, Silence, Project Red, or Pramanix!

New Ticket to E2 Lvl1 5 Star Operator


A new ticket to instantly E2 Level 1 a 5 Star Operator will be added to a for-pay package.

Headhunting Selector Pack


A headhunting Selector Pack will be available for purchase that will allow the player to select a 6 Star of their choice up to and including Blemishine.

Choices Include:

Name Change Cards


Name change card will be free on 1st purchase, limited to 2 purchases (including free and paid)

[The Plan of Anniversary Preperation] Webpage


Webpage based [The Plan of Anniversary Preperation].  Participate to unlock rewards and anniversary limited furniture. Link here.


  • Duration: Apr 24th 2200 - May 18th 0359
  • Get 2 puzzle pieces called [Bag of coloring cream] per day at 0400
  • Each piece can be worth 100/120/150/160/200/1000 points
  • Unlocking areas of the puzzle with pieces grants bonus points. Unlocking the whole puzzle gives 500 Orunudm and u can download the image of the puzzle
  • Points can be used to exchange for rewards
  • You will need to exchange everything in one tier of the shop, and the whole server needs to have unlocked enough parts of the puzzle, before you can proceed to the next tier,

First OP Purchase Bonus Reset


The first-purchase bonus of each of the Originite Prime packs will be reset.

A New Operator Coming Soon


A New Co-op Related Game Mode


Episode 9 Coming Soon


Official Class Archetypes Coming!


New Merch Skins


Coming on June 1, the above skins can be acquired either:

  • by purchasing directly in-game with OP,
  • by redeeming a code that is acquired by purchasing physical merchandise from the Arknights official Tmall store

Eyjafjalla and Blue Poison Skins Confirmed!


Two of the most long-awaited skins are now confirmed!  [Blue Poison] will get a skin with the next Contingency Contract event (preview in the image above), and Eyjafjalla was confirmed to be getting a skin in an event coming soon!

New Merchandise


Kalt'sit Bunny


Kal'tsit Nendroid


Doktah Nendroid


Nendroids Coming Soon


gown series - 1/7 figurine for everyone


Scale Figures from the Art above


Art Book

Total Stream Rewards

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