SP Vegito (Yellow)

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Character Tier


Character Stats

Base Super Vegito
Soul Boost
Power Level
HP 2,335,621
Strike ATK 238,457
Blast ATK 254,198
Strike DEF 150,900
Blast DEF 147,955
Ki Restore Speed

Character Info

Battle Style
Arts Cards Held


The ultimate fusion descends, and his arrival breathed new life into the Fusion Warrior Tag on release. SP Vegito YEL is a brutal, resilient, versatile Fighter that completely alters his playstyle when he Transforms, shaking the world in the process. 

To call Vegito's Transformation the most impactful to be released in the game so far is an understatement; it so decisively provides the Golden Warrior with everything he could conceivably need to rain hell on his foes.

The scaling power of his Special Arts Card, the Spirit Sword Rush, is but the icing on the cake, capable of shredding the most dedicated Defensive walls and even putting dents in Fighters with Color Advantage.

The Ultimate Fusion might not be perfect in every respect, but his overwhelming Offensive kit is more than capable of cementing his place on the cores of Saiyan and especially Fusion Warrior Tag Teams.


A Moment to Prepare

While SP Vegito YEL is a much stronger Fighter after he Transforms, his Untransformed state absolutely has its merits. At the start of combat, Vegito's base form grants itself an uncancellable +50% Buff to Blast Attack and a free +20% Sustained Damage Cut, priming him for his singular mission - taking one hit. 

After Vegito sustains Damage of any kind, he will instantly reduce his foe's Dragon Balls by 1 and replace one of his Cards at random with an Extra Arts Card, which will heal him for 10% of his Health (ameliorating some of the wounds he took to get it), Increase his Inflicted Damage by +20%, and reduce his Sustained Damage by+10% with permanent Buffs.

After accomplishing this, Vegito is free to use his Transformation at his leisure, as essentially a Main Ability which refills his hand and confers onto him an incredible series of Buffs. 

Golden Ascension

When Vegito assumes his immaculate Transformed state, his power frankly skyrockets, as his hand is fully restocked with 4 new cards and he attains a collection of Buffs, and what a collection it is, including a permanent +50% Buff to Inflicted Damage, a +50% Sustained Damage Cut Buff for 10 Timer Counts, and a frankly absurd +100% Buff to Ki Recovery for 20 Timer Counts. 

These Buffs stack with those accrued during his time in his base form, culminating in an incredibly well-rounded Swiss-army-knife Fighter who is able to momentarily excel in every role.

While Vegito is indeed versatile, his true calling is Offensive domination, which he accomplishes by increasing his Card Draw Speed and Restoring his Ki whenever he evades an Attack. 

Blade of Light

After Transforming, Vegito is presented with a new clear goal - landing the massively powerful Spirit Sword Rush.

This devastating, Blast Armor-possessing Special Move Arts Card is as stylish as it is Damaging, and speaking of Damage, its Damage output is increased by 10% (and its cost is reduced by 5) for 15 Timer Counts every time Vegito lands a Strike or Blast Arts hit. As a Combo finisher, this maneuver will leave few survivors. 

This Card isn't just powerful; it's accessible. Vegito can instantly draw it with his Main Ability after a mere 5 Timer Counts elapse after his Transformation, and this Ability provides him with 50 Ki and the coveted 100% Vanishing Gauge restoration Buff, allowing him to weave it into his Combos much easier or whip it out in a pinch. 

Fire Starter

Seeing as Vegito's goal is to rack up long Combo strings that end in a flourish of Spirit Sword slashes, it's fitting that he has just the tool to enable Combos - his Extra Arts Card, the Erasing Strike. On activation, this ranged projectile restores Vegito's Ki by 50 and increases his Inflicted Damage by 20% for 10 Timer Counts.

If this card lands a hit, it sets its target up for a fatal Combo. This Card gives Vegito excellent neutral coverage and ensures that he'll be able to hold his own in the late game, even if he's the final Fighter remaining. 


At Odds with Himself

SP Vegito YEL possesses barely any faults; his Base Form serves a purpose and its existence essentially gives him two Main Abilities, his Damage is through the roof, and he can hold his own in the late-game thanks to his multitude of uncancellable Bufs, yet he still has a small issue holding him back. 

Vegito's base and Transformed states have different roles, with the former being more Blast oriented and the latter being more Strike oriented. This means that Vegito's addition of a Blast Arts Card to his Team's deck is a bit of an annoyance after he Transforms, especially considering that Super Saiyan Vegito and the Fusion Warrior Team at large is Strike oriented.

Team Synergy

Fusion Warrior

SP Vegito YEL may not be what this Team needed, that being an excellent Defensive or Support Fighter, but though he's not precisely what the doctor ordered, he's still a star on this Tag

SP SSGSS Vegito BLU and SP Fusion Zamasu PUR both work astoundingly well with SP Vegito YEL, as their dual-cover-changing potential allows for unprecedented neutral safety. Both of these Fighters are ridiculously strong, and Zamasu especially benefits from Transforming Vegito's Blast orientation. The free Extra Arts Card provided by Vegito Blue allows for his transforming counterpart to abuse his ridiculous projectile green card after becoming Super Saiyan. 

The hegemonic obliteration levied against enemy Purples by Vegito paves the way for SP SSJ2 Kefla GRN to sweep the battlefield, exerting her neutral dominance with Blast Armor. Kefla's Support only accentuates Vegito's strengths; they're amazing Teammates.

SP Super Vegito PUR appreciates the presence of his momentarily Untransformed doppelganger, though the two of them are both selfish Fighters that don't give much back to their community so to speak.

SP Vegito RED might not be strong enough to see consistent Core usage anymore, but his Z-Ability is an instrumental component of SP Vegito YEL's survivability. A more Offensive option is SP SSJ Gotenks RED. Gotenks' burst Damage in the mid-game can set up a situation where Vegito can carry the final phase of the match by himself after the aforementioned Fusion puts massive dents in the enemy line-up.

Despite his rarity, EX Gogeta RED is another core Red, and arguably superior to SP SSJ Gotenks RED. He provides the entire Tag with the Support Fighter they needed.

Equippable Items

Main Ability

Would you like a demonstration?

Transform into "Super Vegito".
Destroys all of your own cards and randomly draws four new ones.

Requirements: 15 timer counts must elapse.

Unique Ability

Unparalleled Ultimate Warrior

Applies the following effects to self from battle start until transformation:

+50% to Blast damage inflicted (cannot be cancelled).
Reduces damage received by 20%.

Absolute Composure

The following effects occur after enemy attack is over (activates once):

Randomly destroys 1 of your Arts Cards and draws a Special Arts Card next.
Reduces enemy's Dragon Balls by 1.

Z Ability

+19% to "Tag: Fusion Warrior" base Blast Attack during battle. Character(s) Affected
+22% to "Tag: Fusion Warrior" base Blast Attack during battle. Character(s) Affected
+25% to "Tag: Fusion Warrior" base Strike & Blast Attack during battle. Character(s) Affected
+28% to "Tag: Fusion Warrior" base Strike & Blast Attack during battle. Character(s) Affected


Big Bang Attack

Deals major Explode damage.
+25% to Special Move damage inflicted for 3 timer counts upon activation.

Cost 50


Pressure Sign

Restores own health by 10% and Ki by 20.
+20% to damage inflicted (activates once).
Reduces damage received by 10% (activates once).

Cost 15



Soul Boost Stats

Stat 100% 200% 300% 400% 500% 600% 698%
Health 21860 45268 79924 123352 178124 248624 330000
Strike Attack 1810 3751 6631 10234 14782 20638 27393
Blast Attack 1849 3829 6760 10441 15081 21053 27949
Strike Defense 1507 3123 5523 8530 12317 17198 22830
Blast Defense 1521 3155 5574 8605 12431 17358 23046
Critical 158 348 634 952 1300 1664 2038
Strike Art Level 2 3 4 5 5 5 5
Blast Art Level 2 3 4 5 5 5 5
Special Art Level 1 1 2 2 2 2 2
Extra Art Level 1 1 2 2 2 2 2
Equipment Slots 1 2 2 2 3 3 3

Recommended Soul Boosts