Battle in New York 2021 - 2020 Revival Exhibition 2: Flame Gate (Leonidas)

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Enemy Layout

Fatal Battle 1/1
Recruit (2)
Hero (1)
Recruit (4)
Veteran Saber Spartan (3)
Veteran Lancer Spartan (7)
Recruit (6)
Veteran Archer Spartan (5)
Hero (10)
Recruit (9)
Recruit (8)
Recruit (13)
Recruit (12)
Recruit (11)
… etc. (Total 300 Spartans)

Boss Statistics

All Spartan Soldiers gain the below effects after breaking Leonidas's first HP Bar
Spartan's Willpower: Used upon death. Inflict Skill Seal on attacker (1 turn) [Unremovable].
Veteran Saber Spartan
Spartan's Insanity: Used upon death. Decrease DEF by 60% for attacker (4 turns) [Unremovable].
Veteran Archer Spartan
Spartan's Perserverance: Used upon death. Inflict Nullify Defensive Buff on attacker (1 time) [Unremovable].
Veteran Lancer Spartan
Spartan's Pride: Used upon death. Decrease ATK by 80% for attacker (1 turn) [Unremovable].
Leonidas (Flaming Man)
Leonidas1 HP
Class Lancer
NP Bar
NP Type
Up to 3 per turn
Humanoid, Male, Servant, King, Weak to Enuma Elish
Battle Start Molon Labe: Increase own Damage Resist by 0.9% and DEF by 1.2% per stack [100 Stacks, Permament, Unremovable]. Stacks are removed for each soldier defeated:
-Soldiers 1-10: Removes 6 stacks each.
-Soldiers 11-20: Removes 2 stacks each.
-Soldiers 21-40: Removes 1 stack each.
Special Skill Randomly activate one of 3 skills each turn (all effects are [Permanent, Unremovable]):
-Diversionary Formation: Increase Critical Rate of all Spartans by 60%.
-Charge Formation: Increase ATK of all Spartans by 60%.
-Ambush Formation: Increase Critical Strength of all Spartans by 80%.
Break Warcry of Counterattack: Increase NP Gauge of all allies by 1. All Spartan Soldiers will have an on-death effect except [Recruit] soldiers.
Skill 1 Rear Guard's Pride A: Apply Target Focus to self (1 turn). Chance to increase own NP Gauge by 1.
Skill 2 Battle Continuation A: Apply Guts to self (1 time, 5 turns).
Skill 3 Warrior's War Cry B: Increase Buster Card effectiveness for all allies (3 turns). *Unsure if used
NP Thermopoylae Enomotia B: Apply Target Focus status for yourself (3 turns). Increase own Critical Rate (1 turn). Increase your DEF (3 turns).


  • This exhibition quest is largely unchanged from the original run. The guide is mostly identical to the prior run, except with an updated Servant recommendation table to include new Servants added to the roster since the original run.
  • Welcome to the second of Battle in New York’s exhibition matches, where we reenact the legendary scene of Thermopylae, facing Leonidas and his army of 300 unyielding Spartans! The theme of the stage revolves around whittling down the Spartans’ number to weaken Leonidas’s defenses before defeating him, all while enduring the enemies’ relentless onslaught. 
  • Leonidas’s Molon Labe buff gives him 0.9% Damage Reduction and 1.2% Defense per stack and starts at 100 stacks, for a whopping total of 90% Damage Reduction and 120% Defense Up.
  • Defeating each of the first ten Spartans removes 6 stacks out of Molon Labe, for a total of 60 stacks removed by the time 291 Spartans remain including Leonidas. Meanwhile, the 11th to 20th Spartans each remove 2 stacks upon death, and the 21st to 40th Spartans remove 1, after which Molon Labe would be completely removed.
  • At the start of the player’s turn, Leonidas will randomly apply one of Attack Up, Critical Rate, or Critical Strength to all his allies (except, fortunately, himself). These buffs are very powerful, and make every Spartan’s attack even more dangerous than Leonidas’s own. They are also permanent and unremovable, and can stack if the Spartan survives into the next turn…. which they sometimes do thanks to Leonidas’s NP Thermopylae Enomotia.
  • Early on, the party should focus on killing the Spartan soldiers to reduce Leonidas’s stacks and minimize the damage received by the frontline Servants. Most Spartans should die in one hit from a damage dealer equipped with event CE, except for the high-health mobs ‘The Brave’. It is recommended to save the damage dealer’s NP to deal with them as soon as they appear.
  • With an AoE damage dealer, Leonidas will reach Break somewhere around 280 to 290 Spartans remaining, after which the fight enters the second phase. Leonidas’s Break effect increases all allies’ NP bar by 1, but even more importantly, it activates delayed, on-death effects on all Spartans except the low-health Recruits. These effects are applied on the Servant who dealt the killing blow, and include Skill Seal (1 turn), Defensive Buff Nullify (1 time), as well as massive Attack Down (1 turn) and Defense Down (4 turn). All debuffs applied through this effect are also unremovable.
  • As such, the party should manage their Spartan kills much more carefully, as going all in risks the primary damage dealer going down much earlier. At the same time, leaving the Spartan soldiers alive means that they can get multiple buff stacks, which makes their attacks far more dangerous.
  • All Spartans are Male, and as mobs have a relatively high Death Rate outside of Leonidas himself.

Team Recommendations

  • AoE Sabers should typically fill the primary damage dealer role as their NPs are capable of killing Spartans even during Leonidas’s NP. With the help of the event damage CE, most options should be viable for this role, though those with higher NP damage will have an easier time dealing with Braves. Servants with high survivability and/or Defense Ignore, such as Nero Claudius and Ryougi Shiki (Saber), will have a significant advantage in the fight, being able to survive for much longer while ignoring one part of Leonidas’s Molon Labe buff.
  • A second damage dealer Saber should also be placed in the backline to finish off Leonidas in case the one in the frontline is defeated. Single-target Sabers are slightly preferred for this role, but AoE ones can also work depending on how much of Leonidas’s health remains (they’re also able to easily eliminate threatening Spartans without sacrificing damage on Leonidas). Okita Souji is a great option for this thanks to the Defense Ignore on her NP.
  • Thanks to the Spartans’ high death rate, Nitocris is a notably powerful option, especially as her self-NP Charge and triple Arts deck allows her to NP much more often than virtually any other option.
  • As with all damage race fights, offensive supports are very important in this one. NP Charge supports such as Zhuge Liang and Scathach=Skadi are excellent to help deal with Spartan mobs, as are Merlin and Tamamo no Mae, who offer less NP Charge but make up for it with more damage boost for Buster and Arts damage dealers respectively. Other options such as Helena Blavatsky, Gilgamesh (Caster) and also Shakespeare can also be utilized, especially as their NPs can be used to help deal with lower-HP mobs.
  • Mash Kyrielight is a very powerful defensive option for this fight thanks to her mix of Defense Up, Invincibility, as well as Taunt. Similarly, Georgios also proves to be extra valuable especially in the second phase, redirecting attacks away from the primary damage dealer (who would be riddled with debuffs).
  • Holy Shroud of Magdalene is an ideal CE pick for supports, as all Spartans are considered Male. Volumen Hydrargyrum can also be used, as well as Necromancy for Taunters.

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Quick Servant Suggestions

- Recommended
Saber AoE DPS
Saber ST DPS
Offensive Support
Taunt Support
Last Man / Solo Servant
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