Christmas 2018 - Compact Farming Guide

Farming Overview

  • This guide mostly contains summarized information from the various available guides. 
  • For explanations on the "why" please visit the Walkthrough (main and farming) or the Servant Recommendations pages.
  • The Miracle Stockings Farming Team Creator is new, and hopefully a useful inspiration to speed up farming.
Event Drop Area Note Enemy Classes

Stocking Gathering - Powder Snow (40 AP #2)
Unlocks at: 2018-11-28 16:00 PST. Archer Class
Boss: Lancer ClassSaber Class

Stocking Gathering - Snowflakes (40 AP #3)
Unlocks at: 2018-11-30 16:00 PST.
Try to finish farming Shortcakes at the same time as Fruitcakes.
Berserker ClassCaster Class
Boss: Archer Class

Stocking Gathering - Snowflakes (40 AP #3)
Unlocks at: 2018-11-30 16:00 PST
Try to finish farming Fruitcakes at the same time as Shortcakes.
Berserker ClassCaster Class
Boss: Archer Class

Stocking Gathering - Blizzard (40 AP #4)
Unlocks at: 2018-12-02 16:00 PST
Short window for farming optimally, if time is limited or apples are plenty, considering farming the previous difficulty for Miracle Stockings.
Rider ClassArcher ClassBerserker Class
Boss: Rider ClassBerserker Class

Farming Servant Recommendations

General Recommendations
Enemies CE Recommendations
Enemies CE High Medium Low
Enemies CE High Medium Low
Enemies CE High Medium Low
Enemies CE High Medium Low

Miracle Stocking Farming Team Creator

  • The time to farm the optimal Miracle Stockings node is limited to a scant few days. 
  • Thus, clearing the final quest fast will greatly increase the amount of apples that can be used in the short period of time that it is available. 
  • Among the table, each category represents excellent choices to potentially clear a wave in a single turn. 
  • Arash and Nitocris can instantly clear wave 1, Dragon Destruction Servants can clear wave 2 instantly, and so on.
  • NP gauge boosters are necessary however to top off NP gauges and even an MLB Holy Night Supper might be required for some set ups.
  • Servants under Steady Performance are those who will do the job reliably, but aren't able to speed clear as well.
  • For full explanations, see the Servant Recommendations guide. 
  • Sacrificing a bonus drop for a better CE might not be a bad choice given the time constraints.
  • Select a Mystic Code that is most useful for the wave 3 sweep. 
Create Your Own Fast Farming Composition
NP Boosters
1st Wave Clearers
Dragon Destruction
AoE Sweepers
Steady Performance
Craft Essences or (etc.)
Mystic Code (etc.)

Event Bonus Servants/CE

Servants Event Bonus
Icon Name How to Obtain Event Bonus
Holy Night Supper 5★ Event Shop (x4)

Quest Drop (Rare)
(MLB: +2)
A Moment of Tranquility 5★ Event Gacha +1
(MLB: +2)
Reading on the Holy Night 4★ Event Gacha +1
(MLB: +2)
Saint's Invitation 3★ Quest Reward (x1)
Event Gacha
Friend Point Gacha
(MLB: +2)

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