Dragon Gaze

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Boosts damage by 30% of unit's Atk.

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Attack Scaling Specials


Similar to skills that scale from defensive stats, Draconic Aura and Dragon Fang scale directly off a unit’s attack stat. What separates these abilities from their defensive brethren is that they also factor in a unit’s weapon, making them scale much harder. To balance this, they have lower raw values, only providing a 30% and 50% boost to attack when it triggers. Draconic Aura and Dragon Fang are less popular than other specials, due to them falling into a viability gap between the fast-charging Moonbow and the powerful defensive stat specials.


Offensive units with high speed generally opt for fast-charging specials, whereas slower, more defensive units love the nuke potential from specials such as Bonfire and Glacies. A unit’s statline is the most important factor when choosing to run these specials. Draconic Aura and Dragon Fang are both nuking specials and can be used interchangeably with Bonfire/Ignis and Iceberg/Glacies, depending on the actual stat numbers of your units. If you want to opt for a nuke special on a low-defense and resistance unit, such as one running Life and Death, then Draconic Aura/Dragon Fang are premiere options. Heavy Blade can shorten the charge time significantly, and is a great skill to run in tandem as they are both dependent on high attack.


These specials share many of the same weaknesses as Bonfire/Ignis and Iceberg/Glacies. Their longer charge times make them vulnerable to units with faster specials. As the defensive scaling specials have better multipliers, they are picked more often, and scale better with fixed stat increases such as those from merging, Fury or boons.