SP Cooler (Purple)

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Character Tier


Character Stats

Base Cooler
Soul Boost
Power Level
HP 2,411,464
Strike ATK 212,284
Blast ATK 201,685
Strike DEF 156,141
Blast DEF 161,686
Ki Restore Speed

Character Info

Battle Style
Arts Cards Held


This Cooler variant gives Lineage of Evil anything they’d ever want, in the form of a flexible Defensive Support Fighter with unique Crisis Utility.

SP Cooler PUR's excellent combination of combat roles allows him to act as an Offensive Duelist with his neutral tools, a Supporter thanks to his conditional Damage Buffs, and a Last Man Standing Fighter due to his Sustained Damage Buffs tied to a Crisis mechanic. 

Once SP Cooler PUR gets the opportunity to Transform, he becomes a Defensive brick wall with excellent utility to boot. His Blast Armor lets him effortlessly glide through enemy Blast Arts, Buffing both him and his allies in the process, as they all receive a Damage Buff after each attack Cooler Sustains. 

Cooler can even act as a consistent Extra Arts Card supplier, as he can snag them both on Transformation and via his Main Ability after doing so. SP Cooler PUR shines in every aspect of combat once he gets going, and is a deadly Fighter every player should prepare an answer for. 


The Thickest in the Universe

He's arguably the most durable Fighter in the game once he Transforms, as his Health, Defenses and Unique Abilities are all sky-high, letting him to take an insane amount of punishment.

Part of his Defensive Utility is thanks to his pre-Transformed state, which grants him two free Status Ailment Negations and a consistent Health Restoration Buff for 40 Timer Counts when the Battle begins. 

After Transforming, Cooler gets +20% Sustained Damage Cut for 20 Timer Counts whenever he enters the Battlefield, and he picks up additional +10% Sustained Damage Cut Buff for 10 Timer Counts per defeated Sagas Warrior or Lineage of Evil Fighter when he enters the Battlefield.

Beyond that, he boasts Blast Armor thanks to his Strike Cards, the Ability to restore 40% of his Vanishing Gauge when enemies switch characters, and a 25% Heal with his Main Ability, supplementing his absurd Bulk with a peerless Defensive Toolkit. 

A Leader You Can Believe In

Just in case SP Cooler PUR's Bulk wasn't crazy enough on his own, he also rewards himself whenever he sustains a hit.

Whenever Cooler takes Damage, whether it's from a Combo or a basic tap shots, he receives 25% Damage Inflicted and any allied Lineage of Evil or Sagas From The Movies Fighters receive 25% Damage Inflicted. 

Cooler's Support prowess doesn't end there. He Draws an Extra Arts Card when Transforming and from his Main Ability post-transformation, so Allies that rely on Extra Arts Cards can rest assured knowing Cooler has them covered. 


SP Cooler PUR gets +10% Sustained Damage Cut for 10 Timer Counts and a permanent +25% Inflicted Damage Buff whenever he enters combat per defeated Battle Member.

These effects working in tandem with his already impressive repertoire of personal and Team-Wide Buffs let him function as one of the best Crisis Fighters in the game. 

His power in the Neutral game is stellar as well; Cooler uses his fantastic combat and Buff-based Toolkit to establish himself as a comeback demon. 


Low Base Attack

While Cooler's Defensive Stats are among the highest in the game, his base Attacking Stats are less than stellar. Because of this, he flounders a bit as an Offensive Pivot without Support Buffs from his Team.

In-combat, he needs to stack a few of his Damage-dependent Damage Buffs before he can really get the party started. 

Slow Start

It's easy to forget once he gets going that SP Cooler PUR has an Untransformed state. While his base form gives him benefits like continuous Health Regeneration for 40 Timer Counts and 2 Status Ailment Negations, it's not a form Cooler wants to stay in any longer than he has to.

The party starts after 15 Timer Counts, before then, Cooler is a weak early-game Fighter. 


Team Synergy

Lineage Of Evil

Lineage of Evil welcomes SP Cooler PUR as its undisputed best Purple Fighter, and it will have a hell of a time replacing him. Cooler and SP Final Form Full Power Frieza YEL are arguably the best Defensive pair in the game. 

SP Final Form Frieza RED's Support pushes Cooler's Damage to monumental levels if he can stack his Damage Buffs multiple times. Cooler's pre-Transformed variant, SP Final From Cooler BLU, also offers Support and neutral hegemony thanks to Blast Armor.

A key piece of Cooler's game-plan is Support, and who better to Support than the Offensive Golden God of the Tag, SP Golden Frieza GRN? Golden Frieza can tear through entire Teams with ease with a couple of Cooler Buff stacks behind him, though the Timer Count window to accomplish that is relatively small. 

Though they share a color, Cooler can work astoundingly well alongside his Purple brother, SP First Form Frieza PUR. The two of them form a dynamite Defensive Core - unfortunately the two of them will need a Red Fighter to answer their debilitating weakness to Yellows. 

Sagas From The Movies

Cooler's spot on this Tag is hotly contested by SP Full Power Boujack PUR, Cooler works well on this Team thanks to his unique combat offerings. 

He only begins to Buff this Tag with his Z-Ability at 6 stars, but he can be used in the Team regardless to add yet another Fighter with exceptional Crisis Abilities, alongside SP SSJ Youth Gohan YEL. Though the two of them possess contrasting Colors, they work well as oppressive partners for each other. 

The Supportive power of SP Hero Tapion RED benefits Cooler greatly by checking problem Yellows and letting him go to town as an Offensive Pivot much easier.

Other Fighters like SP Broly: Cheelai BLU and EX Zangya BLU can sleep easy knowing that one of the game's strongest Purple Fighters, Cooler, is checking their Green nemeses. 

Equippable Items

Main Ability

You'll be the first and last one to witness this form!

Transform into "Final Form".
Draw a Special Arts Card next.

Requirements: 15 timer counts must elapse.

Unique Ability

Another Emperor

Applies the following effects to self when battle begins:

Applies Buff Effect: "Nullify Abnormal Conditions up to 2 times".
Gradually restores own health each timer count for 40 timer counts.

Wicked Pride

Applies the following effects to self when this character enters the battlefield:

Reduces damage received by 20% for 10 timer counts.
+30% to Strike damage inflicted for 15 timer counts.

Z Ability

+22% to "Tag: Lineage of Evil" base Strike Defense during battle. Character(s) Affected
+28% to "Tag: Lineage of Evil" base Strike Defense during battle. Character(s) Affected
+35% to "Tag: Lineage of Evil" or "Episode: Sagas From the Movies" base Strike Defense during battle. Character(s) Affected
+38% to "Tag: Lineage of Evil" or "Episode: Sagas From the Movies" base Strike Defense during battle. Character(s) Affected


Death Beam

Deals major Pierce damage.
Inflicts enemy with Attribute Downgrade "+5 to substitution count" for 10 timer counts on hit.

Cost 50


Unlock Ki: Form of Attack

+20% to Strike damage inflicted for 15 timer counts.

Cost 15



Soul Boost Stats

Stat 100% 200% 300% 400% 500% 600% 698%
Health 21428 44376 78348 120920 174612 243720 323492
Strike Attack 1807 3741 6605 10194 14722 20550 27277
Blast Attack 1782 3691 6526 10080 14560 20328 26988
Strike Defense 1500 3109 5494 8483 12256 17112 22716
Blast Defense 1556 3222 5691 8786 12693 17722 23526
Critical 178 392 714 1070 1462 1872 2294
Strike Art Level 2 3 4 5 5 5 5
Blast Art Level 2 3 4 5 5 5 5
Special Art Level 1 1 2 2 2 2 2
Extra Art Level 1 1 2 2 2 2 2
Equipment Slots 1 2 2 2 3 3 3

Recommended Soul Boosts