Chain Co-ability Guide

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Courtesy of Update 1.18.0, co-abilities in co-op have seen major changes. Most notably, co-abilities from other players no longer apply to you. Your own team’s co-abilities will now cover all adventurers you control, even when piloting only 1 adventurer. This change forces players to rethink fundamental meta “requirements”, as certain weapon classes were needed simply to survive HP checks. As such, the new co-ability system places heightened emphasis on a player’s personal team comp.  

But how to mix and match chain co-abilities? One important factor is that duplicate chain effects can stack, unlike standard co-abilities. However, the majority of chains are bound to a single element, thus limiting possibilities for certain content. For example, Wind holds a monopoly on Doublebuff chains, while Shadow currently has no way to raise Crit Rate.

As of Update 1.18.0, 5★ adventurers offer superior values to their 3★ and 4★ counterparts. Whether these values will be raised to have equal scaling remains to be seen. 

Below are some general chain co-abilities separated by usage. Remember to keep adventurers' regular co-abilities in mind when considering chains! Some example team building tips:

  • Summer Julietta provides both offense (HP 60% = %STR) and defense (unconditional %DEF)
    • Rex provides similar bonuses while costing 2 less Champion’s Testaments.
  • Mitsuhide’s Combo Time chain synergizes with both Twinfold Bonds and Daikokuten.


Above 10 Hits = Critical Rate +X%
Above 10 Hits = Strength +X%
Status = User Strength +X%

Flame: Burn | Water: Frostbite | Wind: Poison | Light: Paralysis | Shadow: Poison

Status = User Critical Rate +X%
Other Offense

Though these chains are outclassed value-wise, HP 60% is a fairly low maintenance condition to maintain. 

HP 60% = STR +X%
HP 60% = Critical Rate +X%
Critical Rate Doublebuff
Strength Doublebuff


Buff Time +X%
Combo Time
Status Edge +X%

Note: Use only when there’s one status-inflicting adventurer on the team. Otherwise, boss affliction resistance builds up too quickly.

Dragon Haste