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Below is a list of Operators (units) found in Arknights. This list allows a user to sort by Rarity / Targeting rule / Profession / Damage type as well as name or ID, and is meant to help a player with determining what Operators to place on their team.

  • Rarity: From 1* through 6* Rarity.
  • Profession: The in-game Operator classification.
  • Targeting Rule: Whether the unit's auto-action (attack or healing) targets a single, or group of targets.
  • Damage Type: The type of damage inflicted by the unit's auto-action (magical, physical, or healing).

For more detailed and comprehensive information for individual Operators (such as skills, talents, promotions, etc.), please check out Aceship's github!

For a list of Release Dates and how to obtain each Operator and more, check out the links below!


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